Larry Kopald

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Larry Kopald is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Kopald/Stranger, a consulting firm that lives at the intersection of global business development and social change.

Considered a leading brand architect, Larry has spent over twenty years at some of the world’s premier advertising agencies, representing the world’s largest companies and other important entities, including McDonalds, Patagonia, Target, NRDC, International Department of Labor, WILD, Oceana, and The United Nations.

While Larry has helped launch such billion dollar brands as Acura automobiles, Huggies diapers, Oracle, and McDonalds's Chicken McNuggets, he has also been a leader in the environmental movement and is most likely the only person ever celebrated by both Adweek and the United Nations for his work for the planet.

Larry has run ECO, Hollywood’s environmental organization, for over a decade. He has done the environmental communications for the Olympics and the United Nations. Currently Larry works with leading experts in the areas of energy, climate change, sustainable operations, food production and distribution, management of resources, while at the same time providing strategic advice to corporations on how to become more green, strengthen the bottom line, and build brand equity.

Larry serves on the board of the Museum of Broadcasting, is a member of the Television Academy and has been nominated for Grammys and Emmys. Larry has served on non-profit boards and advisory boards as diverse as the Union of Concerned Scientists, the WILD Foundation, Oceana, the Center For Conscious Evolution and 1% for the Planet. His wife, Andrea sits on the Board of the Rabinovitch Foundation. Andrea also co-chaired the annual John Wayne Cancer Institute Odyssey Ball. The couple lives in Bel Air, California and served as hosts for Environment California’s Earth Day celebration.

Larry’s other life focused on making a difference. His extensive environmental work, where he has served on the boards of Oceana, 1% For The Planet, American Oceans, the National Marine Sanctuaries, the WILD Foundation, Hollywood’s ECO and others, resulted in him being honored by the United Nations. His theatrical and television PSAs on behalf of the planet have been seen by over two billion people worldwide in 60 languages. He helped launch California’s First 5, a $1.5 billion organization that provides services and pre-school for children under five, has worked on numerous political efforts, from Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid’s senatorial races to John Kerry’s presidential run, and led the creative efforts on projects like the defeat of Yucca Mountain.

Today, Larry has combined those lives as Founder and Chief Optimist of Kopald/Stranger, a change agency that lives at the intersection of Societal Progress and Business Development. Built on the core belief that “Improving a business and improving the world are powerfully complementary goals,” Kopald/Stranger helps clients like Patagonia, Nike, Walmart, FMC, Target, the US Department of Energy, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the City of Los Angeles, and the government of Mexico understand, adapt, and benefit from the global transformation to a CSR-driven world. Projects extend across a diverse area ranging from brand development and CSR strategies to original content for television and social media.

Larry has won over 400 advertising awards, and has been nominated for both EMMY and GRAMMY awards. Today he lives with his family in Bel Air, California.

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