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Green Guide

Hub | April 19, 2007 at 13:49

Your every day choices leave an imprint on the earth. Here in the U.S., we are some of the world's largest consumers and waste producers. There are many ways that you, as an individual, can step a little lighter on the Earth.


Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:50

Whether you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or the only thing you know how to make is microwave popcorn, there are steps we can all take to make our kitchen a little greener and save a little money in the process.

In Your Community

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:53

One person can make a difference. But 100 people can make a bigger difference. Spread the word about your environmental habits and get others to do their part.

Supplies for Green Cleaning

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:51

Industry is by far the largest source of hazardous and toxic chemical pollution. But many of us also contribute to pollution through the cleaning products we choose for our home, the gardening chemicals we use, and the energy we consume.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:51

If you read the packaging of household cleaning products, you've probably come across some words you don't recognize. Chances are, if you can't pronounce it, it's not good for the environment. Try these homemade concoctions instead.

In Your Office

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:52

Protecting the environment has to be part of your everyday life outside your home as well. Whether you work at a factory that may be blatantly polluting the environment or in an office that could cut down its use of paper products, you should...


Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:50

If you thought soap scum was a problem, just take a look at all the environmental hazards lurking in your bathroom.

In Your Yard

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:52

Every little bit of greenery on our planet helps clean the air, contributes to our oxygen supply and helps prevent soil erosion. Whether you have a few square feet or a forest behind your home, preserving and promoting the diversity of the area...

Indoor Pests

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:51

Even some of the most devoted environmentalists prefer not to share their home with cockroaches and other unwelcome guests. But before you reach for that can of Raid, read the tips below.

Laundry Room

Page | April 19, 2007 at 13:50

Just because you want to be energy efficient and stay away from toxic chemicals doesn't mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Follow these easy suggestions to keeping your laundry room green and your favorite jeans looking good.

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