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Stand with Japan - March 28th Vigils

Page | March 17, 2011 at 15:50

Update 4: Over 200 Vigils for Japan were held all across the country on March 28th. View the slideshow below to see pictures from these events.

160 Vigils for Japan Planned for March 28th - attend one in your town

Blog by Michelle Frey | March 23, 2011 3 comments

Amazing outpouring of support! So far, 160 candlelight vigils have been planned on March 28. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to organize this important community event. On March 28th we want to take a...

Fukushima update: radiation levels remain high

Blog by Jess Miller | March 17, 2011 6 comments

After days of news reporting one explosion after another at the Fukushima nuclear plant, there is finally a break in reports of new explosions. Radiation levels remain high around the plant. All efforts are being focused on...

Greenpeace Radio Podcast on the Japan Nuclear Disaster

Blog by Kert Davies | March 16, 2011 6 comments

Greenpeace USA's Nuclear Policy Analyst Jim Riccio is interviewed on Greenpeace Radio about the nuclear disaster unfolding in Fukushima, Japan and important background information on what is happening and why. You can go here to...

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: answering your questions part 2

Blog by Michelle Frey | March 15, 2011 14 comments

Our thoughts are with the people of Japan as they face this unprecedented disaster and the aftermath of the earthquake and resulting tsunami. With any crisis of this magnitude there are a lot questions and a lot of confusion, so...

Washington Post article calling for an end to the nuclear renaissance

Blog by Michelle Frey | March 15, 2011 4 comments

There was a really interesting piece in the Washington Post that we wanted to share with you. It brings to light the true “price” of nuclear energy. In the aftermath of a disaster, the strengths of any society become immediately...

Another rough day in Japan

Blog by Andrew Davies | March 14, 2011 5 comments

These past days have been hard for everyone in Japan, and the drama continued through these last 24 hours. The explosion at a second stricken reactor, Fukushima 1 (unit 3), was not entirely a surprise. Officials had warned of the...

Serious concerns remain for safety in Fukushima

Blog by Andrew Davies | March 13, 2011 2 comments

We remain extremely concerned for the safety of workers at and the community surrounding damaged nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan. Here's what we know abut the situation at the two most affected plants: Fukushima I (Daiichi)...

Japan Nuclear Event Live Tweets - follow our Nuclear Expert Jim Riccio

Blog by Michelle Frey | March 12, 2011 2 comments

Our Nuclear Analyst Jim Riccio has over two decades of experience on nuclear issues and is closely following the events as they unfold at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. Follow his tweets here on page or follow Jim's feed...

Fukushima update: Not yet in the clear

Blog by Andrew Davies | March 18, 2011

Overall, with possible exception of spent fuel pool of reactor #3, the status of all facilities is very similar to yesterday, which is a bad thing. Major uncertainty relates to amount of radiation already being released to air and...

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