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Radiohead's Thom Yorke: "This is no hippy tugboat"

Blog by Brian Fitzgerald | November 16, 2011

When we heard that Thom Yorke was going to be aboard the Rainbow Warrior from Amsterdam to London, you could spot the Radiohead fans: they were the ones who fell over onto the helideck like planks. OK, I exaggerate. One hit that...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Jailhouse Rockstar

Blog by Brian Fitzgerald | November 14, 2011

He infiltrated the Greenpeace ship Esperanza masquerading as an assistant cook. Nobody knew, nor were they supposed to know, his true identity.  Spy? Provocateur? Nope. In this case, it was a rock star.  When Paul Simonon,...

Under sail onboard the new Rainbow Warrior

Blog by Harmony Lambert | November 1, 2011

Almost two weeks ago, the new Rainbow Warrior was launched from Bremen, Germany to start defending our environment and the communities that live in it.  Our first stop was Hamburg, where Greenpeace Germany’s office and warehouse is...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Episode 1

Blog by Brian Fitzgerald | October 19, 2011

Pablo Bullrich is one of our "New Hands on Deck" -- young activists who are joining the Rainbow Warrior III's maiden voyage. This is the first episode of a web video mini-series, Stories from the Rainbow Warrior , where you can join...

Today, a new Warrior is born

Blog by Harmony Lambert | October 14, 2011 11 comments

40 years ago, eleven men set out to Amchitka to prevent the United States government from carrying out a nuclear weapons test.  On that day, possessing hardly any sailing skills on a ship that was barely seaworthy, Greenpeace was born.

New Videos: Stories from the Rainbow Warrior

Blog by Matthew K | November 30, 2011

Take a step inside the kitchen with Walter Rodrigues, the Rainbow Warrior's very own cook. He explains how he provides food for everyone's palate, and why he greatly enjoys working aboard the Greenpeace flagship.   ...

Harmony on the mast of the Rainbow Warrior III

Blog by Brian Fitzgerald | October 24, 2011

More than 3,000 supporters have visited the Greenpeace ship in Hamburg over the weekend as we held an open boat to say "thank you" to the donors who have made the world's first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist...

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