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Phil Kline

Page | October 21, 2011 at 11:33

Phil is a recognized expert on oceans policy domestically and internationally, and has represented Greenpeace U.S. at International Whaling Commission (IWC) meetings and Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meetings around the globe.

Pacific Tuna Hang in the Balance with Greenpeace Pushing on the Scales

Blog by Phil Kline | December 7, 2010 2 comments

Last week, a global team of Greenpeace campaigners arrived in Honolulu to attend the 7th annual meeting of the western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting. The WCPFC is the international treaty body that manages the...

Dominica, whale friendly nation is now demonstrating global leadership by going green

Blog by Phil Kline | September 27, 2010 2 comments

You may have heard of the small island nation of Dominica . A couple of years ago, they stood up for the protection of whales by no longer supporting Japan's agenda of reestablishing commercial whaling. Now, I’m excited to share that...

Arctic Sunrise Reflections

Blog by Phil Kline | September 16, 2010 5 comments

My time on board the Arctic Sunrise is almost up, so I wanted to share a few final thoughts about my time on board. I am an oceans campaigner, but this was my first time working on board one of our ships; it has been such a great and...

Inspiration for Marine Reserves

Blog by Phil Kline | August 31, 2010 3 comments

Last week while on holiday, I was lucky enough to spend 6 days snorkeling in the Bunaken Island National Marine Park (BINMP). The park is located in northern Sulewesi Indonesia almost right on the equator. BINMP was established in 1991...

A Bright Fishy Future is Looking Good

Blog by Phil Kline | April 10, 2011

Almost everyone has heard about the depressing situation in many areas of the country where fish populations have been seriously depleted because of chronic overfishing – catching fish faster than they can replace themselves. Well...

16,500 people join the virtual vigil to save the whales

Blog by Phil Kline | February 7, 2011 5 comments

So far, 16,500+ people have joined the virtual vigil to save the whales . All our combined messages will show the President that we’re all paying attention and expecting leadership at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) this...

Help bluefin tuna before they go extinct

Blog by Phil Kline | November 10, 2010 2 comments

Bluefin tuna are often called the cheetahs of the oceans. That’s because they can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. They can reach lengths of 10 feet and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. But, as magnificent as they are— the bluefin...

Menhaden might just get some help

Blog by Michelle Frey | August 4, 2010

This blog comes from Phil Kline, oceans campaigner... Menhaden? You might be asking yourself what the heck is a Menhaden. Menhaden are a small oily fish that is actually one of the most important fish in the sea. The tiny fish is a...

Southern Ocean whale hunt comes to a close, for the season

Blog by Phil Kline | February 16, 2011

We have really great information to share with you. News reports from Japanese government sources revealed that Japan has decided to cut short their annual whaling season in the Southern Ocean and bring their fleet back to port. ...

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