Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior is in the Amazon for a two month tour to highlight the beauty and importance of protecting the rainforest, to expose who is responsible for its destruction and to champion the solutions needed to achieve zero deforestation in Brazil.

Steel production destroying the Amazon

Right now a 20 year old Brazilian named Elissama de Oliveira Menezes is attached to the anchor chain of a massive cargo ship here in Sao Luis, at the mouth of the Amazon. She's a small girl anyway, but next to the 175 meter 'Clipper Hope' she looks absolutely tiny.

As long as Elissama stays on the anchor it's impossible for the ship to dock and load its cargo of pig iron which is destined for the USA. Pig iron is used in the production of steel and is exported from Brazil ready for processing.

UN forest hero Paulo Adario has joined the protest:

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