What you can do

Page - November 4, 2007

Spread the word!

One of the things the anti-climate community has done is create its own echo chamber to get their views out far and wide.But we can also do this - help us get the message out on your blogs, your websites, your chatrooms.

Join the campaign at www.ExxposeExxon.com

Become a wiki editor

We know that many of you have seen media coverage and letters to the editor in your area quoting the skeptics and the think tanks who are part of the denial campaign.  Sign up to become a wiki editor and post your information on the website. Tell us about it - post the nonsense being spouted by your media and politicians onto our wiki.   

Comment on the blogs

We are blogging about what's going on in the world of Kyoto and the skeptic community.  We want your comments, your wisdom and your arguments.  We will be posting news on the blogs - you might have more information to help us build the picture. Start typing your blog entry today!

Make your own map

Map the activities of the deniers involved in your issue and send it to the people you think should know about it.