Green Finance Initiative

Page - June 30, 2009
Global Warming is going to cost a lot of money. The Green Finance Initiative aims to promote policy and business that works for the environment, not against it.Most business leaders now agree that capital investment needs to be transformed to address climate change.

Greed is not Good. Taxpayers are currently paying for the pollution created by dirty energy companies. And with bailout funds to financial institutions, their investments and credit extended to these same dirty energy companies could have the taxpayers paying for this damage twice over. Dirty energy is the ultimate subprime investment. See how it works.

The goal of Greenpeace's Green Finance Initiative is to realign global financial investment with Greenpeace's definition of sustainability. First, unsustainable industries can no longer claim government support. The charts below show the U.S. government's skewed emphasis on unsustainable energy sources like coal, nuclear, and biofuels.

It is our goal to change this subsidy structure and promote a responsible corporate governance framework that addresses global warming. As taxpayers and citizens, we should make it preferable and more profitable for every business to choose the sustainable and energy-efficient path.

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Click chart to view larger size.