Our international work to stop Global Warming

Climate change is a priority issue for us here at Greenpeace. We realized years ago that it has the potential to wipe out most of the gains the environmental movement has made in other areas. Disruptions to ecosystems will likely harm everything from minke whales to coral reefs to polar bears. Whole forests will be lost, and hundreds of thousands of species will become extinct.

Greenpeace Mt Rushmore banner

Climate change will also bring devastation to people and communities, especially some of the world's poorest. Certainly, a big part of our job is bringing home to people everywhere the realities of climate change and the struggle against it. To name names, protest corporations, shame governments — while helping make climate change solutions a reality.

Our expeditions document the impacts of climate change on people and ecosystems. Our professional negotiators, scientists and policy experts attend world climate conferences and persuade decision makers to take action.  Our volunteers and cyberactivists keep up the pressure on lawmakers and corporations.  Our activists put their safety and freedom on the line for even the smallest chance to change the world.

Luckily enough, Greenpeace is itself only part of a much larger movement towards positive energy policy.  We are fortunate to work with and beside many other environmental organizations, as well as many companies, governments and individuals who share our dedication, optimism and belief that there is a solution for every problem.

If you would like to be a part of this global movement, and like how we work, please choose to volunteer, sign up as a cyberactivst, and/or support us financially.