Fishing is changing the world's oceans in ways scientists can not fully understand. We may only learn about the nature and extent of the damage after it is too late to do anything to stop it.

A Fishy Story

Beneath the serene beauty of our ocean waters lurks a nightmare worse than any Jaws movie. You could compare it to alien abduction - massive numbers of fish are being snatched out of the water by high-tech factory fishing trawlers. This nightmare scenario is real, and the impacts on our ocean's ecosystems are extensive. Entire populations of fish are being targeted and destroyed, disrupting the food chain from top to bottom.

A Tiny Example of an Enormous Problem

Throughout the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding Atlantic waters, there lives a fish near the bottom of the food chain: it's called the menhaden. It's not a glamorous or beautiful fish, but this tiny creature supports an entire food chain that leads all the way up to whales in the Atlantic Ocean. And it is disappearing.

This once abundant fish has become the symbol of overfishing, and its loss could have a dramatic impact on our oceans.

If the menhaden is the symbol of overfishing, the Omega Protein company has become the symbol of corporate greed and excess in the fishing community. Omega's high-tech factory ships have been locating menhaden schools and literally vacuuming them out of the water.

The fishiest part of this story is that it is just one example of many in our oceans today.

This summer, Greenpeace is focussing on a tiny fish in the Chesapeake Bay, to demonstrate a worldwide problem facing our oceans. Join us on our voyage to save the oceans.

The latest updates


Southern Ocean whale hunt comes to a close, for the season

Blog by Phil Kline | February 16, 2011

We have really great information to share with you. News reports from Japanese government sources revealed that Japan has decided to cut short their annual whaling season in the Southern Ocean and bring their fleet back to port. ...

Save the Whales. Save the Money.

Blog by John Hocevar | February 7, 2011 34 comments

If you were watching the Super Bowl on February 6 (or at least tuning in for the always entertaining commercials) you may have seen a commercial starring Cuba Gooding Jr. about saving the whales. It was a pretty tongue-in-cheek...

16,500 people join the virtual vigil to save the whales

Blog by Phil Kline | February 7, 2011 5 comments

So far, 16,500+ people have joined the virtual vigil to save the whales . All our combined messages will show the President that we’re all paying attention and expecting leadership at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) this...

BP delays Arctic drilling plans while government continues inaction

Blog by Melanie Duchin | February 3, 2011

BP just announced that drilling at their controversial Liberty Island site in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea has been postponed "beyond 2013."  While this is good news because the dangerous drilling has been delayed, we are disappointed...

Commercial Whaling-—spanning the globe from Japan to Iceland

Blog by Phil Kline | January 28, 2011 5 comments

We continue to work to end all commercial whaling at the global scale campaigning on many fronts. Many of you have already contacted President Obama asking him to live up to his campaign promise to end all commercial whaling by...

4 Surprising Places You Should Never Buy Seafood From

Blog by Casson Trenor | January 26, 2011 2 comments

Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner, Casson Trenor has a monthly column on about protecting our fisheries and ocean health through sustainable seafood. Here's a great selection from his first installment: In 2009,...

Rainbow Warrior crew take action in Taiwan to defend tuna

Feature story | January 26, 2011 at 9:38

Kaoshiung, Taiwan - A blacklisted tuna factory ship was blocked from leaving port by Greenpeace climbers from the Rainbow Warrior. They locked themselves to the anchor chain while campaigners called on Taiwan's Fisheries Agency to investigate the...

The State of the Union and the Environment

Blog by Phil Radford | January 25, 2011 4 comments

In these challenging times it will not be surprising if President Obama glosses over critical environmental issues in his State of the Union address January 25. The nation is struggling to find jobs for the unemployed, we are still...

The Wave for Whales: Making a Splash on Twitter

Blog by Chris Eaton | January 18, 2011 10 comments

Did you know that there are awards for the best users of Twitter? They’re called The Shorty Awards and nominations have just began.  I’m really excited for the awards because this year Greenpeace worked with thousands of twitter...

In one week, over 15,000 people tell Costco to save the oceans, not their image

Blog by Michelle Frey | January 13, 2011 5 comments

The health of our oceans is important to all of us. That’s why it’s so amazing that over 15,000 people have taken action by telling Costco CEO, Jim Sinegal, that the bulk-food store giant needs to implement a permanent sustainable...

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