Fishing is changing the world's oceans in ways scientists can not fully understand. We may only learn about the nature and extent of the damage after it is too late to do anything to stop it.

A Fishy Story

Beneath the serene beauty of our ocean waters lurks a nightmare worse than any Jaws movie. You could compare it to alien abduction - massive numbers of fish are being snatched out of the water by high-tech factory fishing trawlers. This nightmare scenario is real, and the impacts on our ocean's ecosystems are extensive. Entire populations of fish are being targeted and destroyed, disrupting the food chain from top to bottom.

A Tiny Example of an Enormous Problem

Throughout the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding Atlantic waters, there lives a fish near the bottom of the food chain: it's called the menhaden. It's not a glamorous or beautiful fish, but this tiny creature supports an entire food chain that leads all the way up to whales in the Atlantic Ocean. And it is disappearing.

This once abundant fish has become the symbol of overfishing, and its loss could have a dramatic impact on our oceans.

If the menhaden is the symbol of overfishing, the Omega Protein company has become the symbol of corporate greed and excess in the fishing community. Omega's high-tech factory ships have been locating menhaden schools and literally vacuuming them out of the water.

The fishiest part of this story is that it is just one example of many in our oceans today.

This summer, Greenpeace is focussing on a tiny fish in the Chesapeake Bay, to demonstrate a worldwide problem facing our oceans. Join us on our voyage to save the oceans.

The latest updates


In just one day - 12,000 people flood Costco CEO’s email box

Blog by Michelle Frey | January 7, 2011 3 comments

Jim Sinegal, Costco’s CEO, is getting more emails than he ever thought possible. In just one day, 12,000 people sent emails to the bulk-store giant asking the company to protect the oceans, not their image. It's clear we all want to...

Bluefin Tuna – No price too high to eat the last one

Blog by Phil Kline | January 5, 2011 6 comments

OMG! I just read in the Huffington Post that a single Northern Pacific Bluefin tuna was just sold for $396,000! You read that correctly. One, single fish sold for $396,000! And, I thought the Atlantic Bluefin tuna was the most...

VICTORY: Greenpeace Whaling Victory in Japan!

Blog by john hocevar | December 23, 2010 41 comments

After more than two and half years of pressure by Greenpeace and the famous "Tokyo Two" trials , officials with the Japanese Fishing Agency publicly admitted today that they received whale meat as "gifts" from private companies...

18,100 citizens send comments to the government to stop Shell’s arctic oil drilling

Blog by Melanie Duchin | December 21, 2010 11 comments

Would you want 18,100 emails in your inbox? I doubt it! But, in just two days, 18,100 people, like you, took action and sent public comments to the government urging them to stop Shell Oil’s plans to drill for oil in the fragile...

We've Got Fish on a List! (Costco's new greenwash policy)

Blog by Michelle Frey | December 13, 2010 1 comment

In the newest Greenpeace video, Costco talks about their new seafood sustainabilty policy. These policies include putting fish "on a list," a new green packaging system and fancy green uniforms. The video will leave you wondering, is...

1,000+ Whales To Die!

Blog by John Hocevar | December 8, 2010 47 comments

As you read this e-mail, the Japanese whaling fleet is steaming towards the Southern Ocean to begin their annual whale slaughter. Their planned death "quota" this season: nearly 1,000 minke whales, 50 humpback whales, and 50...

Pacific Tuna Hang in the Balance with Greenpeace Pushing on the Scales

Blog by Phil Kline | December 7, 2010 2 comments

Last week, a global team of Greenpeace campaigners arrived in Honolulu to attend the 7th annual meeting of the western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting. The WCPFC is the international treaty body that manages the...

USA: Step Up at Tuna Summit in Honolulu!

Blog by Sari Tolvanen | December 7, 2010 2 comments

Greenpeace activists hang a banner from Honolulu's iconic Aloha Tower the day before the Pacific Tuna Summit began, urging the Tuna Commission to save tuna. For the Pacific region and its people, no fish means no future. I am in...

Defend Tuna in the Pacific

Image | December 5, 2010 at 3:30

The world’s last relatively healthy tuna fishery in the Pacific Ocean is in jeopardy of being wiped out. Now is a critical time to put in place measures to stop this happening.

Is our pressure on Costco working?

Blog by Casson Trenor | November 16, 2010 9 comments

I want to thank you for being on the frontlines and helping us pressure Costco to protect the oceans by saying no to wholesale destruction. I’m hesitant, but want to share with you that it appears our pressure may be working. ...

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