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The planet needs you, and so do we. Get connected with local and global volunteers working together for environmental solutions.

No matter where you live, we have a volunteer program especially for you through our Greenwire program. Start connecting and making a difference NOW!

What does a Greenpeace activist do?

Volunteer with Greenpeace

Greenpeace volunteers have won victories in communities and on their campuses building alliances, mobilising thousands of people and getting media attention.  

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Other Ways to Help

Got a local issue that needs attention? Here's a great set of tips on how to create and win campaigns for the environnment from a former Greenpeace strategist.

Help Recruit

You can help us grow our network of people willing to take action for the environment. Tweet, blog, and feature our content on Facebook. Send action emails to your friends. Talk about our campaigns and victories in your own language, and make sure your friends know how you're making a difference.

Make Your Life a Little Greener

Here's a handy set of tips for ways of stepping more lightly on the Earth and reducing your carbon footprint. Your individual choices make a difference not only in their direct impact, but what they say to friends and family as well.


Support the environmental causes you care about the most! Greenpeace does not accept any money from corporations but instead relies solely on donations from people just like you.