After the Greenpeace Semester

Page - August 15, 2011
The Greenpeace Semester opens doors for students wanting to pursue a career in environmental advocacy - there are many ways to stay connected.

Student Network: Continuing the fight for the planet on campus

The majority of Greenpeace Semester alumni join the Student Network, our national network of student activists working on critical environmental issues by organizing their fellow students or community members with support from Greenpeace staff. Currently, student activists in the Student Network are working to stop global warming by shutting down the dirty, dangerous coal plants powering their campuses and pushing their universities to switch to clean, renewable energy.  They're also working to get their universities to commit to getting campus paper from sustainable sources, not from threatened rainforests such as those in Southeast Asia.

Internships, fellowships, direct action: Get involved, stay involved

Many students stay involved with Greenpeace by securing internships, volunteering in one of our many field offices, or participating in direct actions. Several have launched their careers in environmental advocacy by joining as staff themselves, working on our administrative, campaigns, grassroots organizing, research, actions, and development teams.

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