Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

Page - January 4, 2011
Are you a parent with some questions about the Greenpeace Semester? Below are some common questions and answers.

Where is the Greenpeace Semester located?

The Greenpeace Semester is held in Washington, D.C. Class time is split between our office downtown and our Equipment Center in Landover, MD. Both are within walking distance of a Metro station.

How long is the program?

The spring and fall terms are 12 weeks long.  The summer term is five weeks long.

What will my son or daughter be learning?

Participants join workshops, skills trainings, discussions, and travel to work on environmental issues. Program content includes updates on key national and global environental issues, basic campaign strategy, and the fundamentals of grassroots organizing. We focus on developing specific skills including public speaking, effective communication and messaging, campaign planning, working with volunteers, facilitating groups, and. Learn more about our trainings.

Participants travel during the program engage in hands-on campaign work for one to two weeks during the semester. If your son or daughter has been accepted to the spring or fall sessions, he or she will also participate in the Greenpeace Expedition. The Greenpeace Expedition is a one week trip near the end of the term in which participants and staff travel to bear witness to pressing environmental issues, hear from people who are affected by environmental degradation, and gain more exposure to Greenpeace’s work advocating for solutions.

Travel locations vary and are dependent on current Greenpeace projects; they may change right up to the start of the term or after.

What is the tuition for the program?

The tuition for the spring and fall term is $4,200.  The tuition for the summer term is $2,200Tuition covers resources including program staff, materials, and any travel during the program.  It doesn't cover housing and travel to Washington D.C.

Are scholarships available for the program?

Yes!  We are happy to offer scholarships to those participants who need financial assistance; more information can be found on our scholarships page.

How do we prepare for the Semester?

Partcipants who are accepted to the Greenpeace Semester are provided with an information packet including documents about the program, a course credit guide, a fundraising toolkit, a housing guide to Washington DC, and more; parents are encouraged to review this material as well. Greenpeace Semester staff is also available to talk to participants and parents to answer questions that come up in the planning process.

Where will my son or daughter live?

Housing for the Greenpeace Semester is not provided through the program; however, we provide participants with a comprehensive housing guide that highlights neighborhoods recommended and resided in by Greenpeace staff. We will work with your son or daughter to connect them with other incoming participants as well in case they want to find housing together.

What have Greenpeace Semester graduates done after the program?

After the Greenpeace Semester, many program alumni join the Student Network, our national network of student activists who have taken on significant leadership roles back on their own campuses. 

Many stay involved with Greenpeace in other ways; many secure internships or fellowships, volunteer in one of our many offices, join future skills trainings, conferences, or participate in direct actions. They have launched their careers in environmental advocacy by getting a job with Greenpeace, working on our administrative, campaigns, grassroots, research, actions, and development teams. Many have also landed jobs in other non-profit organizations.  Learn more from our graduates themselves.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.