Page - August 9, 2011
A major component of training during the Semester is the hands-on experience that comes from working on group projects that support Greenpeace's campaigns.

As is common with campaigning, many opportunities arise during the Semester for participants to join and they are encouraged to take advantage of these experiences.  Some examples from past classes:

Door-to-door conversations to educate Portland, OR residents about the proposed coal terminals and trains coming to the area, polluting the local area and further contributing to climate change
• Delivered information packets to members of Congress on Capitol Hill

• Creative visual events to expose the dangers of toxic chemicals, whaling, and climate change

Delivered letters to key embassies urging their support on a whaling ban

• Outreach to get local residents to public hearings to oppose dirty coal plants

• Collected petition signatures from consumers in New York City to corporations demanding they stop destroying tropical forests (group photo above)

Volunteered in the Far Rockaway after Superstorm Sandy (listen!)

• Conducted research and engaged seafood retailers like Trader Joe's and Target to successfully pressure them to remove threatened fish species from their  shelves