International applicants

Page - September 12, 2012
International (non-US) applicants are welcome to apply to the Greenpeace Semester Spring Break!

If you are an international applicant without a US student visa, here is some information you should know before you apply:

1.   Fees - the fees to join the program include:

  • tuition (US $250)
  • housing (US $155)
  • food (approximately US $100)
  • flight or ground transportation to US and back to your home country (depends on distance)
  • any visa fees (see below)

 2.  Visas – If you are already attending a university in the US with a student visa, you do not need any additional documentation to join the Greenpeace Semester and you can skip this page. Additionally, many travelers are not required to get a visa to travel to the US; please check to see what the US requires from your country.

3.     Language – In order for you to be successful in the Greenpeace Semester, you must be proficient in oral and written comprehension of English.  Documentation to prove your proficiency is preferred but not required.

4.    Housing – Greenpeace is providing a group house for participants at cost (approximately US$155). The house is a short metro ride from the office/training site.

Questions?  Please email . We are happy to help!