Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

Page - May 3, 2010

Where is the Greenpeace Semester Spring Break located?

The Greenpeace Semester Spring Break is held in Washington, D.C. Class time is split between our office downtown and our Equipment Center in Landover, MD. Both are within close walking distance of a Metro station.

How long is the program?

The spring break program is five action-packed days. 

Who should apply?

We are looking for participants between 18 and 24 years of age at the time of participation. Applicants should be passionate about making change in the world and about protecting the environment. 

Review our eligibility requirements.

What if I'm not eligible?

The Greenpeace Semester is not the only opportunity we have for people who are interested in protecting the planet with Greenpeace. You can sign up to volunteer with Greenpeace from anywhere in the country and start making a difference on critical issues right away.

Are you interested in working for Greenpeace? You can find out more about open positions, including internships and fellowships, here.

What is the tuition for the program?

The tuition for the spring break program is $250.  This does not include the cost of traveling to Washington, D.C.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! To review our scholarship information, please visit our financial aid page.

How do I fundraise for the program if I need to?

There are many ways to raise funds for the Greenpeace Semester Spring Break! To start, check out the financial aid page for some ideas.

Additionally, all participants are provided with a fundraising toolkit upon their acceptance to the program. The toolkit has tips and ideas from previous participants. Some fundraising efforts from past participants include bake sales, yard sales, asking a friend’s band to play a benefit show, and sponsorships from local businesses and friends and family. There are many ways to fundraise, and we are happy to work with participants to coach them toward successful fundraising efforts.

What is the program like? What will I learn?

The Greenpeace Semester Spring reak is a dynamic and participatory experience! Participants dive deep into global environmental issues with experts in the field, learn and practice the basics of grassroots organizing, how to plan a campaign and the philosophy of peaceful direct action. Workshops and skills trainings are based on experiential education and group projects and include campaign strategy and political power analysis, volunteer recruitment, public speaking, group facilitation, how to work with the media, and a number of other important campaigning skills.  There are opportunities to attend political events in Washington D.C. and work on projects with Greenpeace staff.

For more information on our curriculum, visit our trainings and workshops page.

How do I find housing during the term?

For the spring break term, there are a few housing options.  If you know someone you can stay with, that could be the best option for you. We will also have a group house available at affordable rates for the week and may also have free housing to offer.

How many participants are accepted to the program each semester?

The Spring Break classes will have between 12-15 participants.

Can I earn school credit for the program?

Yes, you may be able to obtain credit for the program. Every school is different and the ability to gain credits, credit hours, and the cost to do so (if any) varies. Many students go the route of major-specific, independent study or internship programs to secure their credits. We can work with you to secure credits for the program and provide any materials your advisor needs, but it is up to you to initiate the process at your campus.