The Ramin paper Trail

Media Briefing

Publication - March 1, 2012
From indiscriminate clearance of Sumatra’s peat swamp forests to Asia Pulp & Paper’s expanding global empire. Why CITES must act to prevent the pulp sector in Indonesia driving ramin and Sumatran tigers closer to extinction .

A year-long investigation by Greenpeace International demonstrates that Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is breaking Indonesian law, driving Sumatran tigers and ramin trees closer to extinction, and undermining CITES – the international conservation agreement governing trade in protected species.

The investigation, at APP’s largest pulp mill in Indonesia, Indah Kiat Perawang, exposes how
illegal ramin logs are regularly mixed into its supply of logs from natural forest clearance (so- called mixed tropical hardwood or MTH). This trade is banned under Indonesia’s ramin laws and its national CITES regulations.

Video footage and forensic evidence obtained during this investigation is being made available to the appropriate domestic and international authorities – the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and the CITES Secretariat in Geneva.