Three months ago Greenpeace began one of the most creative campaigns we’ve ever done. Pink bulldozers, spandex, and blue tuxedos were marshalled for a clear and important cause: to persuade Mattel to stop buying paper products linked to rainforest destruction.

Here we are in October, and the company has announced a major new policy on the issue. Asia Pulp and Paper — Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyers – have been dumped by the world’s largest toy company. Today is about sending a clear message: deforestation is bad news for your business.

So Barbie and Ken are back together, and the DreamDozer ™ has been put back in the garage. So much of this is due to your enthusiasm and engagement over the last few months. Here’s Rolf with a little more, but I'd like to say a big, roaring thank you on behalf of the Sumatran tigers.