Map of places we visited in Greenland.

This will be my last update for Project Thin Ice. The ship is taking our message to Canada, first, and then the U.S. This map shows where we have been in Greenland.

We can't all do everything, but we can each do something. I've spent the last two months doing my small part to get the word out, and I hope people have learned a little about Greenland and global warming. Now I'm heading home to Washington, DC. The trip has been fantastic, and part of me wishes I could stay on board. Mostly though, at this point I am just looking forward to going home.

When I get there, I'll still take part in the Project Thin Ice contest, and I'm sure come visit the ship when it's in town.

Keep watching this space though, because you'll hear more from the crew and new folks joining the ship in Canada. They'll be highlighting some of the good work being done to move towards renewable energy, and away from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Despite their new rhetoric, the Bush administration seems just as determined as ever to block any meaningful progress on energy issues. But more and more I am convinced that is the will of the American people, many of whom are hard at work building wind farms, investing in solar panels and generally showing the world we are ready, willing and able to pull off an energy revolution.

- Andrew