This past Thursday, Greenpeace activists made yet another visit to Chicken of the Sea headquarters. This time, it wasn’t to deliver a letter to the CEO, or to unfurl banners for employees and the public to see, or even to fly airship overhead exposing the company’s behavior. No, the purpose this time was to deliver petitions to headquarters. In the past several weeks, over one thousand people in the Orange County, CA, area have signed a petition imploring Chicken of the Sea to end its destructive fishing practices.

Petition Delivery Chicken of the Sea

Thousands of consumers across the country are getting involved in this issue, signing petitions and taking action on the campaign. As one of the largest canned tuna companies in the United States, Chicken of the Sea has a responsibility to steward our oceans in a sustainable and responsible manner – as well as to provide American consumers with access to ethically sourced tuna products.  Chicken of the Sea’s parent company, Thai Union, is one of the largest tuna producers on the globe andhas already made commitments to sustainable fishing practices within its UK- and Australiabased subsidiaries.

It’s time for Chicken of the Sea to stop fishing like there’s no tomorrow.  In the coming weeks, in the coming months, and for as long as it takes, Greenpeace activists and volunteers will continue to engage with Chicken of the Sea.  This company must change its ways and adopt sustainable practices for the benefit of our oceans and of future generations – there is no other way forward.

For the tuna.