UPDATE: Yesterday eight peaceful protesters on Chicago’s Fisk Coal Plant painted the message “Quit Coal” on the 450-foot smokestack looming over the city’s Southside Pilsen neighborhood.

The protesters are scheduled to appear in court later today to find out their charges.

Eight different activists who were arrested across town for blockading a barge full of coal have been released and charged with misdemeanors.

Check out this amazing video of Greenpeace activists painting “Quit Coal” on the 450 ft. tall smokestack at the Fisk power plant in Chicago. They were up there for 26 hours getting the message out.

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All told, air pollution from coal-fired power plants kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. That human cost isn’t part of the bottom-line for giant utility companies like Edison International that operate plants like the ones in Chicago.

But local communities everywhere are fighting back. And Greenpeace has a campaign to support them.

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The more views this video gets in its first 24 hours the more likely it is to become popular on YouTube! And the more popular it becomes the more people will hear about the amazing work activists all over are doing to get coal out of their communities.