Like any good Hollywood break-up the newsmedia is in a flurry over the earth-shattering revelation that Barbie is into rainforest destruction that is threatening the 400 remaining wild Sumatran tigers in Indonesia.

The news prompted longtime boyfriend Ken to dump Barbie in a fit of rage.

Like Ken, you can take action too and help save Barbie from herself.

It also promoted Greenpeace members to scale Barbie's Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) headquarters in Los Angeles and drop a larger than life banner to drive home the point that Barbie's cheap packaging is produced by Indonesia's most notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

Here's a roundup of some of the media coverage so far:

ABC 7 LA, watch it:

Los Angeles Time Business Section: Greenpeace stages protest at Mattel office over Barbie packaging

Reuters: "Ken" doll protesters arrested at Mattel headquarters

Mother Jones: Does Barbie Hate Orangutans?

UK Daily Mail: Barbie's dirty secret: Paper used in dolls' packaging comes from disappearing rainforests

Sydney Morning Herald: Barbie gets dumped for being an environmental wrecker

LAist: Ken Goes Greenpeace, Dumps Barbie Via Banner Hung By Protesters on Mattel Building

Treehugger: Evidently, Barbie Digs Deforestation: Greenpeace Exposes Mattel for Using Unsustainable Packaging

"Barbie Protest" is currently a trending topic on Yahoo: