Greenpeace Activists Deliver a Message in the Air— Shut Down Vermont Yankee

Feature story - November 12, 2010
Greenpeace flew its thermal airship with a banner reading “Shut Down Vermont Yankee” over the risky nuclear reactor in order to send a strong message to Entergy, the plant’s corporate owners.

Following Entergy’s recent announcement of efforts to sell the 38-year old reactor and an unplanned shutdown of the reactor after another leak of radioactive water, the Greenpeace action highlights the problems facing the reactor and warns potential buyers of the risks of purchasing the plant.

Vermont Yankee is an old, leaking nuclear power plant that is unsafe and falling apart, and the people of Vermont have spoken; it should be closed as scheduled in 2012.  In February 2010, the Vermont Senate voted 26 – 4 to close the 38-year-old plant, and Vermonters affirmed that decision on election night when the leader of that vote, Peter Shumlin, was elected Governor.

But Entergy, Vermont Yankee’s out-of-state corporate owners, are still trying to relicense the decrepit reactor.  And in a desperate move, they are even trying to pass their mess onto someone else by trying to sell the reactor.

Take action and tell the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entergy, J. Wayne Leonard, that enough is enough.  He needs to stop putting corporate profits ahead of the safety of New Englanders, and shut down Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee must close in 2012

Unsafe and falling apart

Earlier this week, Greenpeace sent a letter to Entergy CEO J. Wayne Leonard requesting that the company stop its efforts to re-license and sell the reactor, and retire Vermont Yankee as scheduled in 2012.

On November 7, the reactor was shut down after a new leak of radioactive water was discovered.  The new leak follows earlier discoveries of radioactive releases into the groundwater and soil near the reactor. Vermont Yankee is unsafe, and it’s time for Entergy to shut it down.