Activists create a memorial to Bush's Failed Legacy on Global Warming

Feature story - January 30, 2008
The State of the Union address made clear what we have been saying all along, that President Bush has no real plan to fight global warming. It seems that Bush is set on leaving a legacy of neglect, obstruction and destruction when it comes to global warming. On the eve of Bush’s bogus international meeting on climate change, activists have taken to the nation’s capital to call attention to Bush’s disastrous policies and his plan to put a wrench in the UN’s process.

Major Economies Meeting a Sham

After being booed and jeered for an attempt to block a successful outcome at the UN's meeting on climate change last month, the Bush administration continues to push its alternative Major Economies Meeting this week in Hawaii.  The administration hopes to use this side meeting as an opportunity to replace the Kyoto Protocol's legally binding emissions reductions with voluntary measures. It seems if the President was serious about leading the fight on global warming, he would stop trying to block the success of the UN's process and commit to a cap on greenhouse gas emissions here in the US.  Instead, he continues to keep the United States standing alone as the only industrialized country that refuses to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Monumental Disaster

Greenpeace activists gathered on the National Mall the night before the Major Economies Meeting and turned the Washington Monument into a memorial to Bush's failed legacy on global warming.  The activists projected on the Washington Monument the message: U.S.Global Warming Plan: Hell and High Water accompanied by an image depicting rising sea levels at the base, a predicted consequence of global warming. The activists used the projection to call attention to Bush's global warming policies and his attempt to undermine the United Nations process with his Major Economies Meeting.

Greenpeace is calling on the countries attending the meeting to maintain their commitments to action on global warming under the Kyoto Protocol. Participating countries include: Japan, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, India, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Indonesian, and South Africa.

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