Activists Step it Up on Global Warming

Feature story - October 11, 2007
In recent weeks Greenpeace has been stepping up efforts to shine a spotlight on global warming and put Congress in the hot seat. Now the attention has turned to activists to Step It Up!

In less than a month, thousands of activists from across the country will participate in Step It Up-community rallies to demand leadership on global warming.

On November 3, a year before the next election, activists and concerned citizens are being asked to organize rallies large and small in their communities. After registering on the "Step-it-Up" website, activists will get all the tools and assistance they need to gather a crowd, invite the politicians from their community and make their event a huge success.

Activists can also check out what events are already planned for the community and support those efforts.

We know these gatherings will be effective. In April, with the help of thousands of people (most of them brand new to organizing) from across the country, there were 1,400 rallies in places that showed how climate change would affect our lives. Those events were key in putting the demand for real action--80% cuts in carbon emissions by 2050--square in the middle of the Washington debate. But a movement needs to keep moving, and calling for real leadership is the next step.

We can't ask our leaders to step it up on global warming if we're not willing to, too. So please do your part. One year before the election, let's make sure the world witnesses our national call to action.