Greenpeace at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Demanding a fair, ambitious, and binding deal to tackle global warming

Feature story - December 11, 2009
Representatives from the world's governments are meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7 to 18, 2009 for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Greenpeace is on the ground in Copenhagen and in the convention center throughout the conference.

Our activists are there to remind world leaders of their moral obligation to establish a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty. Our media personnel are sending out daily updates and calls to action. Our policy experts are working on the inside to push for the emissions reductions targets called for by climate scientists as well as financial commitments to kickstart an energy revolution in developed countries and help developing countries adjust to the unavoidable impacts of global warming while leaving as much fossil fuels in the ground as possible and preserving the world's tropical forests.







The aim of the conference is to negotiate an international deal to tackle global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012.

The road to Copenhagen began in Bali in December 2007, when all of the parties to the negotiations agreed on the Bali Action Plan - a two-year process that was meant to lead to an agreement on measures for dealing with climate change in Copenhagen. Progress over the past two years, however, has been spotty at best, and the outcome of Copenhagen is by no means certain.