Global Energy Scenario

Feature story - January 24, 2007
In his State of the Union address, we all waited for the President to address the climate crisis facing this planet and unfortunately, it never happened. Global warming has become one of our biggest challenges and it is time to start focusing on solutions. Our latest report,"Energy [R]evolution" details how we can cut global CO2 emissions in half by 2050, using existing technology, and still provide affordable energy and economic growth.

"Instead of creating a real national plan to combat global warming and increase energy security, the President has ensured his legacy of failure while continuing to represent the interests of the energy industry. Yesterday, the President proposed an alternative fuels proposal that could actually increase

global warming pollution." - John Passacantando

The debate about global warming is over and it is clear that solutions are needed now. The Energy  [R]evolution is the road map for how to provide power without fueling global warming.  We don't need to look to dirty and expensive energy sources such as nuclear and coal to solve our energy crisis.  Reliable renewable energy and conservation can be used to make the cut in carbon emmisions necessary to prevent global warming.

"It's a favorite talking point in Washington that dealing with global warming means nuclear power and so-called 'clean coal,'" said John Coequyt, Energy Policy Analyst for the Greenpeace Global Warming Campaign.  "President Bush just said so again last night.  But now we know we don't need to make this deal with the devil.  The fact is that a cleaner, smarter energy future is both feasible and affordable."

The Plan

The new study details a worldwide energy scenario where:

  • In the United States, nearly 80% of our electricity can be produced by renewable energy sources.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced 50% globally and 72% in the U.S. without resorting to an increase in dangerous nuclear power or new coal technologies.
  • America's oil use can be cut over 50% by 2050 with much more efficient cars and trucks, potentially including new plug-in hybrids, increased use of biofuels, and greater reliance on electricity for transportation.

The plan also details how large developing countries like India, China and Brazil can develop and grow using renewable energy to avoid the mistakes of old climate-changing energy economies of developed countries. We can make a safe and sustainable global energy scenario a reality.

Making the change possible

A revolution in energy policy

It's clear that a "business as usual" approach to our energy supply cannot continue.  The longer we wait to make the necessary changes, the tougher these changes are going to need to be.  The next three years will bring major energy investiments in countries around the world.  In the US , we have the opportunity to say good-bye to old, dirty energy sources and welcome to a new clean energy future.

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Read the full report here.

Read the summary of the report here.

An evolution in energy use

Governments around the world and industry need to be leaders in the way that energy is produced.  But we all have the responsibility to make changes in the way that we use energy.  Being smart about the way that we use energy can double energy efficiency by 2050.  Take a few green steps towards a greener future.

The Energy Revolution is not just our vision for the future. It was written with the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) and in conjunction with specialists from the German Space Agency and more than 30 scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and the renewable energy industry around the world.

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