PVC Siding Alternatives

Page - May 5, 2005
Decisions about siding are consistently among the most difficult for environmentally concerned designers and builders of residential and light commercial buildings. Siding must withstand all types of weather, look attractive, and be affordable to buy and install. Alternatives can include solid wood, APA-rated plywood, Oriental-strand board, wood-resin composites, stucco, fibre-cement, masonite, as well as aluminum. The buyer should research the alternatives completely before making decisions on the purchase.

The buyer should consider the following in their decision to use an alternative product: Energy use, chemical emissions and occupant health, durability, hazardous by-products, process wastes, resource limitations (i.e.: old growth lumber vs. alternatives clear cutting vs. sustainable forestry) and recyclability.

If using wood, the buyer should insure the product is independently certified by well managed forests.

Wood - Siding

Company Address Phone Fax Contact Comments
Larson Wood Products 34885 Mckenzie View Drive, Springfield OR 97478 541-988-9155 541-988-9153 Sales Kapok, Esponja, Muratinga, Possumwood, Caju Acu.
Collins Pine Company Route 6, P.O. Box 807, Kane PA 16735 814-837-6941 814-837-8401 Sales Black Cherry, Northern Red Oak, White Ash, Sugar Maple, White Oak, Red Maple, American Beech, Poplar.
Coastal Lumber Company P. O. Box 829, Weldon NC 27890 919-536-4211 800-735-2727 919-536-3102 C. D. Blytheweb Site Flooring, Siding, Decking, Specialty Items.
Jackson Sawmill Co., Incorporated P. O. Box 368, Jackson AL 36545 334-246-2424 800-626-5753 334-246-9692 William Jones Flooring, Siding.
Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company P. O. Box 150, Smithfield, NC 27577 919-934-6193 919-321-3411 Bob Maiers Flooring, Siding, Decking.
Robinson Lumber Company 4000 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orlean LA 70115 504-895-6377 504-897-0802 Sam RobinsonWeb Site Flooring, Siding.