Greenpeace Activists Block Import of Ancient Forest Destruction

Feature story - April 22, 2002
Our Ancient Forest push targeted illegal timber shipments for several months during the winter of 2002. Activists from two Greenpeace ships worked non-stop to block imports of illegally logged timber from Africa and the Amazon.

Visit the ship tour websites from the Esperanza and the Rainbow Warrior.

The End of the Ship Tour, April 22, 2002

A personal account: "Andit feels like an end. The experiences of living and working aboard the Warrior and her crew are tangled up with me. It will take a while before I can clear enough space around me to see the end of this touras the next begining. It's too much to be able to walk away from cleanly, and I'm not sure I would want to if I could... "More

The Netherlands, April 15, 2002

A personal account: "OK,so let's back up a bit. First, guess where I am? In Holland. InVlissingen actually. Yesterday the Warrior met up with the Esperanza(our new ship) and we performed action ballet together in front of thelatest naughty log ship (from the Amazon this time). Wow - it wasbeautiful and scary."More

Finland, March 26, 2002

A personal account: "So there I was, on the bulb of this enormous ship, the Finnhawk, holding my banner, "Stop Ancient Forest Destruction", the water only feet away, the roar of the bow thrusters riveting me to the cold metal skin of a platform 3 meters long, half a meter wide. How the hell did I get here?" More

Russia, March 25, 2002

Greenpeace activists occupy a Russian sawmill near the White Sea to protest the logging of one of Europe's last large, pristine forests. Germany is a major importer of the sawmill's products. More

China, March 24, 2002
Greenpeace carries out a historic event at the Great Wall of China; calling on all governments to place "great walls" as barricades to illegal logging and destruction of the world's remaining ancient forests. More

Italy, March 23, 2002
A personal account: "Out of all our actions on the tour this was by far the most bizarre. The fact that we have an action ongoing is quite amazing given the fact that we had police swarming all around the Warrior both before the action began and in the first phase of the action. To say they knew we were coming and were prepared is an understatement..." More

Greece, March 22, 2002

At the Greek port of Lefkanti, Greenpeace activists prevented the offloading of timber from ancient Liberian forests today. The port serves companies implicated in human rights abuses and arms trafficking in Liberia and Sierra Leone. More

China, March 20, 2002

Two hundred forty people representing three generations of Chinese pledged to protect the world's remaining ancient forests. More

The Netherlands, March 18, 2002

Greenpeace holds MV Kapitan Mochalov off the coast of the Netherlands with activists chained to the anchor. The Russian ship is carrying timber from the ancient forests of Russia for European markets. More

Finland, March 16, 2002

Over a dozen activists continue the standoff in the last ancient forests of northern Finland stopping clearcutting in two different areas. More

Denmark, March 14, 2002

Greenpeace puts Danish timber company behind bars. More

Germany, March 12, 2002

A personal account from the scene: "By 5:40 am, an international team of 13 activists has occupied the crane. Dozens more are chained to the logs. Others begin painting, "Urwalder Retten" [Save Ancient Forests], and "Forest Crime" on the logs." More

Spain, March 11, 2002

Greenpeace blocks African logship off Valencia, Spain. More

The Netherlands, March 5, 2002

A personal account from the scene: "As the forklift drives off with three activists clinging to the front, some of the activists on the cranes climb down and occupy logs on the deck of the ship and the dock..." More

Germany, February 28, 2002

Greenpeace Executive Director Gerd Leipold joins activists to prevent the unloading of a vessel in the port of Hamburg, which was carrying banned mahogany timber from the Brazilian Amazon. More

France, February 27, 2002

A personal account from the scene: "We have spent these hours continuing to stop the log boat Agia Irene from unloading her cargo of ancient forest wood in France..." More

Italy, February 27, 2002

Over 30 Greenpeace activists targeted a ship, carrying hundreds of bundles of sawn African wood, from docking in Salerno. Find out more and view the photos. More