Kleercut Volunteers "Let it Out" in NY

Feature story - March 30, 2007
Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark have announced the successful resolution of the Kleercut campaign as the maker of Kleenex has established a new sustainability policy focused on protecting endangered forests. Go to www.greenpeace.org/kleercut to find out more!

You may have noticed new Kleenex "Let It Out" TV commercials. In them, folks stop to sit on a blue couch and share personal stories that make them cry into the facial tissue. Recently in New York, Kleenex and Kimberly-Clark got more than they bargained for when Kleercut activists arrived to Let Out how they feel about Kleenex making tissue from ancient forests.

Read more from a volunteer who was there.

Video of our NY event was captured by a local videographer and posted on YouTube. Check it out.

Find out more about the campaign at kleercut.net