New iPhone App version of Recycled Tissue Guide now available

App lets users quickly and easily find safe and responsible paper products

Feature story - May 11, 2009
Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark have announced the successful resolution of the Kleercut campaign as the maker of Kleenex has established a new sustainability policy focused on protecting endangered forests. Go to to find out more!

Whether you're planning a shopping trip or already at the store, the new iPhone App version of Greenpeace's Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide makes it quick and easy to determine which paper products are easy on the Earth and which are not. The app, created for Greenpeace by 3rd Whale and available now for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, recommends the greenest toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and paper napkins, so consumers can be sure they aren't flushing ancient forests down the drain.

Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide: Available on the iPHone App Store

Our team of experts evaluated over 100 products and gave the "Recommended" rating only to those brands that: contain 100% overall recycled content; contain at least 50% post-consumer recycled content; and are bleached without toxic chlorine compounds. The app also has categories for those products that "Could do better" and those that you are advised to "Avoid."

"Tissue products made from recycled content help to reduce our impact on ancient forests, protecting forest ecosystems and wildlife habitat," said Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Lindsey Allen. "Customers who download the iPhone or Android version of the Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide can compare brands available at their local grocery store to find which brands are most environmentally sustainable.  For those interested in protecting ancient forests from clearcutting and supporting truly sustainable companies, this application makes informed decision making even more convenient."

Android, mobile web versions also available

If you don't have an iPhone, you can still get the app!

There is an Android version - Android users can simply search for it on their phone.

And if you don't have an iPhone or an Android, you can simply point your phone's web browser to our mobile web version (

App features

Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide: Available on the iPHone App Store

  • More than 100 brands in 4 categories: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Paper Napkins, Facial Tissues
  • Search for brands or browse by product category
  • Ratings based on expert analysis
  • Find brands that are recommended, brands that could do better, and brands to avoid

Help us save ancient forests and protect wildlife by downloading the Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide iPhone app!

There is also a Flash version viewable online and a downloadable PDF version (though we of course implore you to please think carefully before printing it out).

Don't flush forests, buy recycled!