Rolling Sunlight Lights Up Coit Tower

Feature story - November 4, 2001
On Sunday, November 4th, Coit Tower lit up with energy supplied by our "Rolling Sunlight", a truck outfitted with solar photovoltiac panels used to demonstrate solar power. From 5p.m.- 7p.m., Coit Tower's own lights were turned off so the "Rolling Sunlight" could bathe the landmark building in colored lights. Guest Speakers rallied in favor of Propositions B and H, the Solar Yes! ballot initiatives.

Coit Tower as seen illuminated by power from the Rolling Sunlight truck.

"Solar power is here now, all we need to plug it in is to vote yes on B and H," said Danny Kennedy, Greenpeace's Clean Energy Now! Campaign Director. Greenpeace will bring the truck to the top of Telegraph Hill to show San Franciscans that solar power can be a clean energy contributor to the city's energy needs.

"The passage of B and H will make San Francisco a national leader in renewable energy. 50,000 homes and one quarter of the city's government buildings will be powered by clean renewable energy," said Kennedy. Together, the two propositions will pave the way for the city to install up to 70 megawatts (MW) of solar power. Ten MW alone will be installed on municipal buildings.

Greenpeace's Clean Energy Now! Campaign is pushing David Freeman, Chairman of the California Power Authority, to invest $2 billion, 40 percent of the CPA's budget in clean energy. "David Freeman has an historic opportunity to get us off natural gas addiction and usher in a new era of clean and secure renewable energy. It's time for Freeman to commit. A cash infusion from the state in photovoltaic manufacturing can spark the solar revolution and provide Californians with good jobs, clean industry and true energy independence from greedy gas suppliers," Kennedy said.

The Greenpeace "Rolling Sunlight", nicknamed "Suz", is a biodiesel operated truck featuring 256 square feet of solar panels. The truck is capable of producing 2.4 kilowatts of sun power, enough to continuously power three energy efficient homes. While lighting Coit Tower, the truck will also power the sound system and supply energy to make pizza and coffee. The truck is touring San Francisco and other parts of the state to promote solar energy.