The Rolling Sunlight: Solar Power on Wheels

Feature story - May 6, 2004
This spring, our Rolling Sunlight visited college campuses throughout the Northeast, powering up events with clean solar energy for campus concerts, press conferences, movie showings, and more. This July and August, the Sunlight Tour will be in the Ohio Valley to educate people about the health costs of coal power and to demand investment in renewable energy like wind and solar power.

We will be in the Ohio Valley with the Rolling Sunlight the week of July 26th. We will be using the Sunlight as a part of a visually creative project to highlight the health effects of dirty energy and the need for clean energy. 

More about the Sunlight

The Rolling Sunlight made its official debut at the Ralph Nader's People Have The Power rally at the Masonic Center in San Francisco,October 11, 2001. The Sunlight then traveledthroughout California to power up events and provide information on howwe can take advantage of our cleanest fuel source, the sun. The Sunlight demonstrates clean poweralternatives and run on a biodiesel engine!

It is designed as a CO2 neutral vehicle with abuilt-in power plant of 2.4kW of photovoltaic (PV) solar power as wellas an on-board storage facility. The 256 square feet of PV cells willproduce power for the next 30 years or more with no emissions. We advocate for the use of clean energy andincreased efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.