As soon as the Toyota Prius was sold in the United States, my husband and I decided that would be the next vehicle we would purchase because of the fuel economy and reduced pollution created by driving. In December 2000, we purchased our first hybrid, the 2001 Prius.  We have really been sold on that technology, although not perfect - it was a good start. We thought that the purchase of these kinds of vehicles would encourage the auto industry to continue making cleaner, less polluting vehicles.

And so Toyota kept making these hybrids, and making improvements.  In January 2005, we purchase a second Toyota Prius.  It appears to be everything we had imagined and a little more.  Best of all, the fuel effeciency has increased and the pollution has decreased.  It would be great if all types of industries would make these kinds of improvements in their products.  We are the proud owners of two hybrids.

Sally is a stay-at-home Mom with a husband of 30+ years and two teenage children.

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50,000 Demand Protection From Mercury Pollution

Blog by rgardner | August 3, 2011 2 comments

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