Boreal Forest

Join us in defending the largest remaining ancient forest in North America

Canada is home to nearly a quarter of the world’s remaining intact forests. But with only 8 percent of the country’s forest land permanently protected, logging poses a major threat to the people and wildlife that call the forest home.

Boreal Forest in Quebec, Canada

Boreal Forest in Quebec, Canada.

© Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace

Canada’s boreal forest provides a wealth of ecological, economic, social and cultural benefits. Yet some of the most biologically diverse areas of the forest are allocated to industry, and most of these areas are logged or fragmented by infrastructure like roads.

The areas that remain untouched and intact are rare and under increasing threat. The fate of these special forests — and with them the species that inhabit them and our air and water quality — rest in the balance.

Threats to Canada’s Boreal Forest

Logging is among the primary drivers of forest loss across Canada, and one company is leading the charge.

Resolute Forest Products  is one of the largest logging companies in Canada. Operating in Ontario and Quebec, Resolute manages and sources from some of the most ecologically valuable and vulnerable areas left in the boreal forest. Its operations threaten intact forests and iconic species like the endangered woodland caribou. Other environmental groups have denounced the company’s unwillingness to do even the “minimum” required by science to achieve meaningful conservation of the boreal forest.

Resolute is also involved in disputes with First Nations communities where logging is occurring without their consent, and the company has courted controversy with its impact on local communities and labor disputes.

And now, Resolute has slapped Greenpeace Canada with a $7 million lawsuit for standing up for the forest.

But we’re not stopping.

Will You #StandForForests?

Victory for North America’s largest remaining ancient forest is possible. Major companies — like Kimberly-Clark and Office Depot — have adopted policies that restrict the purchase of products from the most vulnerable forests.

We’re calling on all stakeholders and decision-makers — including large corporate customers, logging companies and provincial governments — to stop logging until proper conservation plans are in place.

We envision a day when the people, communities, industry and forest can work in harmony instead of in competition. A large network of protected areas that include the most intact and endangered stretches of forest is vital to preserving the health of the Canada’s boreal forest. Protecting these vital forest areas will deliver sustainable economies, resilient communities and a healthy forest.

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