Greenpeace Response to Trump Taking Climate Change Out of National Security Assessment

December 18, 2017

In response to reports that the Department of Defense will drop climate change from its list of global threats, Greenpeace spokesperson Travis Nichols said:

“Despite Donald Trump’s delusions of being master of the universe, dropping climate change from the list of global threats won’t make it any less of a global threat. In fact, if the fossil fuel cronies in the Trump administration insist on hiding from the very real threat of climate change, they will only make all of the other listed threats–from border security to economic insecurity–that much worse. Climate change doesn’t care what the Trump administration thinks about it; it will continue to get worse unless concrete action is taken to address it. Myopic decisions like this show just how far the irresponsible stupidity of Trump’s agenda has reached, and how much work we have to do around the world to overcome it.”

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