Greenpeace welcomes Obama’s Copenhagen date change

July 6, 2010

Greenpeace today welcomed President Obama’s statement that he will attend the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit on December 18th along with other world leaders.

"After a global outcry, President Obama has listened to the people and other world leaders; he has come to his senses and accepted the importance of this potentially historic meeting," said Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International's political climate coordinator.

"Now that he has moved the date, he needs to move his targets and his financial contribution to be in line with what climate science demands."

"All the elements are now in place for the leaders in Copenhagen to move forward together to agree a legally binding treaty to stop climate chaos."



(In the US)

Rolf Skar, Greenpeace USA Senior Campaigner, 415 533 2888,

Joe Smyth, Greenpeace USA Media Officer, 831 566 5647,

(In Copenhagen)

Cindy Baxter +45 52 65 56 22 or +31 646 197 332

Martin Kaiser +45 52 65 55 80 or +49 171 878 0817

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