Greenpeace Windmills on Michigan Avenue Carry Earth Day Message

July 6, 2010

On Earth Day, in the country’s Windy City, hometown to the President of the United States, Greenpeace installed wind turbines—a symbol of clean energy—on the Michigan Ave. bridge to underscore the crucial role wind must play in cutting global warming pollution, creating millions of jobs, and providing energy independence for all Americans.

"Harnessing the wind is one of the cleanest, most sustainable ways to generate electricity. It produces no toxic emissions and none of the carbon dioxide pollution that is driving global warming. At the same time, the wind sector stands ready to employ millions of Americans and finally provide the country with real energy independence," said Nicole Granacki, Greenpeace's Illinois field organizer.

The time is ripe to make a transition to wind. The president's stimulus package provides much needed incentives to spark development in clean energy technology like wind and solar. What's more, House Democrats recently released a draft energy bill that would finally reduce global warming pollution from coal and other dirty energies and level the playing field for clean energy sources like wind and solar.

Innovations in wind technology and production have made it the country's new growth industry:

•       According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wind power could meet 20 percent of the country's electricity needs by 2030. See: windandhydro/pdfs/41869.pdf

•       According to the Global Wind Energy Council, in 2008 the US wind sector broke all previous records with new installations of 8.5 GW, making America the world's top wind energy producer. See: id=30&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D= 139

•       According to, the wind sector now employs more Americans than the coal industry. See: http://greenwombat.blogs. wind-jobs-outstrip-the-coal- industry/

"On Earth Day we want people to begin to imagine renewable energy built into the architectural fabric of America's great cities and ask themselves 'Why not?  Why don't we have this already?'," said Carroll Muffett, Greenpeace's deputy campaigns director. "Clean energy is the energy of the future. But the best part is it's available today."

Last month, Greenpeace released its U.S. roadmap for slowing climate change. In the report, called the Energy [R]evolution, Greenpeace supports a strong cap on global warming pollution, an end to fossil fuel and nuclear subsidies, mandatory efficiency standards for vehicles, buildings and appliances, binding targets for renewable energy generation and strong financial support for clean energy in developing countries. To read the full-report, visit: press-center/reports4/energy- r-evolution-a-bluepr

For images and video of the wind installation go to http://usaphoto.greenpeace. org/20090422_windycity/ contact Daniel Kessler,, 970.690.2728


VVPR info: CONTACT: Daniel Kessler, press officer, (970) 690-2728, Carroll Muffett, deputy campaigns director, (202) 319-2416; Nicole Granacki, field organizer, 773-575-7335

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