Pressure Procter & Gamble

by Guest Blogger

March 14, 2014

Background - March 12, 2014

Let's flood Procter & Gamble's social media accounts with messages about what their sustainability really looks like:

1. Leave a comment on this Procter & Gamble Facebook post:

COPY AND PASTE:P&G, your kind of caring for the future destroys orangutan homes. Please commit to change and #ProtectParadise

2. Leave a comment on this Thank You Mom Facebook post:

COPY AND PASTE:Is this your idea of sustainability, P&G? Caring for the future means no forest destruction. Commit to No Deforestation and #ProtectParadise

3. Tweet @ThankYouMom

Fans of @ThankYouMom should know @ProcterGamble buys from companies that destroy orangutan homes

4. Tweet @ProcterGamble

.@ProcterGamble your kind of sustainability destroys orangutan homes. Please commit to change Pls RT #ThankYouMom     Is this your idea of sustainability @ProcterGamble? Caring for the future means no forest destruction #ThankYouMom

5. Share this post on Google+

COPY AND PASTE SUGGESTED TEXT AND CLICK G+ BUTTON:@ProcterGamble I know your dirty secret! Stop destroying tiger and orangutan habitat for #palmoil. #deforestation #thankyoumom    

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