Our blue planet is under threat. From climate change and plastics, to mining and overfishing – the threats facing our oceans are growing bigger and more urgent day by day.

Add your name to Protect the Oceans!

Call on PM Jacinda Ardern, I call on you to support the creation of ocean sanctuaries across the planet, and for NZ to back the strongest Global Ocean Treaty at the UN to enable this.

What if we treated our oceans like they matter?

At the moment, the vast majority of our oceans are unprotected. In the High Seas, those areas beyond national jurisdiction, just 1% are fully protected. And at home the situation’s not much better. Scientists tell us we need to protect 30% of global oceans by 2030 in order to fight climate change, safeguard fish stocks and allow our oceans to thrive – in all of their wonderful diversity.

Together with leading academics from the University of Oxford and the University of York, we’ve put together a plan for how we do just that – and create a network of sanctuaries across our blue planet.

Join the movement to Protect The Oceans.