A vision for Auckland

Here at Greenpeace, our vision of Auckland is a city where beaches are clean and the ocean is full of fish, seafood and wildlife. Where public parks are full of birdsong and thriving native forests. In this Auckland, you don’t have to think twice about taking the bus, tram or train to work because it’s convenient and affordable. It’s safe to ride a bike, walk or use a wheelchair both downtown and in the suburbs because of lanes that separate footpaths and bike paths from traffic. The air is clean because there are fewer polluting buses, trucks and cars. People and communities are able to make their own energy from the sun and wind and share it with their neighbours. And there is shade and space for everyone to play in nature because of generous tree cover in neighbourhoods from north to south and east to west. Our vision is an Auckland where our children and grandchildren can grow up safe from the threat of climate change.

Some points for your submission

You can make a submission on Auckland’s 10-Year Recovery Budget here. While the consultation has a few different themes, you’ll see that there is a specific section about climate change. All of the questions are optional. And there is space for you to explain whether you do or don’t support parts of it.

We encourage you to support the proposed increase in investment in climate change. But we suggest you include some comments that show you want it to be much more ambitious. Here are some things you could say:

You can find out more about the Auckland 10-Year Recovery Budget here. The deadline for submissions is 22 March.