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  • 7 solar wonders of the world

    Solar energy is clean, reliable, abundant and an affordable alternative to fossil fuels - but not only that, solar is also cool. Check out our selection of the most amazing solar plants from all around the globe.

    Paula Tejón Carbajal and Helena Meresman 2 min read
  • The Berlin Wall of oil begins to crumble

    The Berlin wall was a symbol of the Soviet era like no other.  When it was finally dismantled in 1989 it signalled the end of a system that had stood for nearly 70 years.  A system that shaped the political landscape of the 20th century symbolising a lack of freedom and a source of fear.    

    Steve Abel 3 min read
  • The Future is Here: New Jobs, New Prosperity and a New Clean Economy

    The World is witnessing a historic, global shift in the way we power our homes our businesses and our economies. Climate change is here. How we respond is the only question that remains.

    Greenpeace New Zealand
  • Star Lawless slams oil giant Shell outside court

    Film and TV star Lucy Lawless and seven activists were today convicted and sentenced to 120 hours community service each for attempting to stop an Arctic-bound oil drilling ship last…

    Nick Young 2 min read
  • Future Investment – Energy

    This report shows that investment in renewables pays off quite quickly due to massive savings in fuel costs. In fact, a 'business as usual' mix in the world global power generation sector would result in 10 times higher fuel costs, when compared to the additional investment needed to implement the energy [r]evolution pathway.

    Greenpeace New Zealand
  • The power and appeal of wind

    Anyone who has struggled to stay upright in a strong Wellington or Taranaki gale is aware of the intrinsic power of the wind. Wind energy has been harnessed by people for centuries. From the familiar windmills of Europe to the world’s most famous explorers who mapped the globe by sailing ship. Indeed the first Polynesian…

    Greenpeace New Zealand
  • 30 years of neglect for Paritutu residents, report reveals

    New Plymouth – A report released by the Ministry of Health today has confirmed that Dow is one of the largest historical polluters in New Zealand, says Greenpeace. Dioxin levels…

    Mere Takoko
  • Ronald McDonald Arrested At GE Protest

    Ronald McDonald has been arrested today after locking himself to the gates of McDonalds’ South Auckland distribution centre in Golden Arches Place, Wiri. Greenpeace Activist Gareth Hughes from Wellington, in…

    Steve Abel
  • Ronald McDonald quits McDonalds over GE chicken

    Ronald McDonald entered the Queen Street branch of McDonalds today and handed in his resignation. The dramatic action was taken by the infamous fast food clown in protest at McDonalds…

    Steve Abel
  • The plantation effect

    An Ecoforestry Review of the Environmental Effects of Exotic Monoculture Tree Plantations in Aotearoa/New Zealand

    Grant Rosoman