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Monica Davies

Monica is Davies is an environmental activist and rock 'n roll devotee. She has worked on the Greenpeace Africa digital communications team since September 2011.

  • Add a #FreeTheArctic30 support ribbon to your website

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - October 11, 2013 at 16:11

    So you've sent a letter to your Russian embassy, perhaps you've changed your profile picture or avatar too, but you want to do more right now?

    If you run a website or blog, we've got the next step for you - add a ribbon of support (like ours in the t... Read more >

  • The Face of Activism

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - October 3, 2013 at 11:11

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what an activist looks like and what they do.

    When pop culture these days is so grandiose, we’re fed stories of heroes who are so different. They look different, they’re made differently to us. We’re taught that for som... Read more >

  • Carrying the warmth of Africa

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - April 9, 2013 at 14:49

    Africa and the Arctic.

    It seems like all those two places have in common is the same first letter.

    One is known for its abundant wildlife, almost year-round sunshine, and as the home of over 1 billion people. And the other, at first glance, is alm... Read more >

  • Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: 2 Years On - Join us to mark the occasion

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - February 27, 2013 at 12:33

    Two years ago, hundreds of thousands of people in Japan lost their homes, jobs and communities in the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.

    Today, many of them have still not received enough compensation to rebuild their lives.

    Join us for a silent demon... Read more >

  • The activism we all have in common: become an online fundraiser

    Blogpost by Monica Davies - February 20, 2013 at 11:06

    What do an accountant in London, a school teacher in Cape Town, and a bartender in Joburg have in common in the world of the web?

    That’s not the start of a joke, it’s an honest question.

    The answer is, they can all become online activists.

    And it’s... Read more >

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