At the core of our work at Greenpeace Africa is our dedicated team of volunteers from across the continent. Often the first we turn to when we need an extra pair of hands, these individuals are fuelled by a passion that unites them, encouraging each other to do more, and be the leaders they seek in protecting the environment.  During busy periods we often have additional help and not always for the most glamorous business; admin, research, logistical support and offline events.

Three of these people volunteering at our office this year are Eugene Wankya, Rea Lekalakala and Diana Waters, who have been volunteering for 9 months, 3 months and 3 years respectively.

Eugene Wankya, 20 years old, inspired to change the world and be a better person

My favourite moment since I started volunteering at the office a few months ago was taking part in my first real off-line activity; the coal exhibition. Sitting in the office all day staring at a computer can become a little monotonous, so getting out and being part of an activity that speaks to people about who we are and what we do, was inspirational.  An important lesson I have learned is that the world is a big place, and we have a of issues, and if we start by fixing the ones we can, then we can show others how they can change what matters most to them. I have met so many different people; vegetarians, vegans, activists… I understand more about what brings people in Greenpeace together. 

“Change begins with you- you can always make a difference to society, to your world, you just need to start”

Rea Lekalakala, 21 years old, inspired to show the world that it is possible to make a change

I studied Environmental management, so this has always been important for me, but starting here has taught me so much more because I got to learn about something I had never experienced before. There have also been challenging times, but I chose to learn from them; when I first arrived, I realised there was a lot that I did not know, so I have learned that we need to be continuously looking for more information. One of my best days so far has been Mandela day; we visited a community garden and learned about Permaculture- putting our work into action is what inspires me.

 “Whether you’re a plant, a bird, a human, we all have the same rights to be there”

Diana Waters, 26 years old, inspired to show how easy change is, no matter how small

I got to start out when the organisation here was quite young- so I was one of the first to become a climber, and to get involved. It was always something I wanted to do. Right in the beginning I was part of one of our first activities, during which I shovelled coal in front of Eskom’s headquarters- that day our message was that Eskom could take coal back, we did not want it in SA, but the message I received was that I wanted to stay and be a part of this team.  Something that has been quite challenging is working with other people, people are sometimes not as passionate as I am, or their passions may lie in different interests- sorting to get people excited about working with GP

“A future without an environment is a future without anything, Earth is so cool that it can give life, it is something special that we need to preserve for everything that depends on it”


If you would like to join our activities please sign up here: www.greenpeaceafrica/en/volunteer

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