I just got back from a very exciting (and loud) protest outside the Eskom buildings in central Johannesburg. The protest, organised by Earthlife Africa, comes as the South African government is in the process of planning how the country will generate electricity over the next 20 years. And the message they got from this protest was loud and clear: Nuclear is not the answer!

Eathlife Africa protest: Nuclear is not the answer!

It was great to see such a mix of people at the march, and so many young people in particular. One of the posters held up by a young woman read, "Don't nuke our future generations!"

Earthlife Africa Protest, Johannesburg

I think it's important youths get involved with the issue of power generation in South Africa; ultimately they'll be the ones who have to live with the decisions that get made today.

South Africa has an incredible potential for renewable energy, and as the Deputy Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom recently pointed out, the costs of renewables technology is coming down even faster than predicted.

This is the opportune time for the South African Government to turn away from a nuclear-powered future. A clean, low-carbon -- and safe -- future is possible, now all we need is the political will to set us off in the right direction.