Senegal’s most iconic fish species, the thiof, is severely threatened due to overfishing. Despite this, one of the country’s largest supermarket chains, is continuing to sell the fish, driving the species to the point of complete collapse.

Until a number of years back, the thiof was freely available and could be enjoyed by almost everyone.

Today that’s all just a fond memory, one more thing for people to reminisce about as they walk through fish markets looking for a new favourite fish. The few thiof that fishermen do manage to catch are either exported to foreign countries, or sold at prices very few people can afford.

The thing is that despite the species being such a vulnerable state, Casino is proudly selling thiof, turning a profit on the back of a species’ demise.

We are calling on Casino to urgently stop selling thiof while population numbers are so drastically low. As a retailer that claims to act responsibly and with the environment in mind, it should be clear that endangered fish species belong in the ocean, not on shop floors.

We need you to tell Casino that profiting from plundering a species is not acceptable.  

Sign our petition today and make sure your name is one of those we present to the directors of Casino at our upcoming meeting.