The statistics are scary.

Just a few weeks ago – Witbank, home to no less than 11 coal fired power stations - was proven to have some of the dirtiest air in the world.

The dirtiest air in the world, right here on our doorstep.

In addition, a recent study showed that European coal pollution causes 22 300 premature deaths a year, as well as a huge cost to companies and governments who have to treat coal-related diseases and compensate employees for working days that are inevitably lost. If the health risks weren’t scary enough, we now know that a large chunk of the true cost of coal is hidden, and that the jobs associated with this industry will soon run out.

The time has come for us to end the age of coal.

Does Greenpeace advocate turning off all coal tomorrow? No. Greenpeace Africa’s Energy [R]evolution is an ambitious yet realistic roadmap for South Africa’s transition to the future, and for the gradual phasing out of coal. It is time for a more imaginative solution, and luckily for us, our planet came with a built-in solution: renewable energy is viable, reliable and ready to go!

A quarter of Germany’s economy is already powered by renewable energy. So who’s really holding South Africa back?

It is the lack of political will, as well as our government’s cosy relationship with businesses that have financial interests in coal. It is these short-sighted interests which blind our leaders to the untapped potential and opportunity that renewable energy brings. South Africa can become a leader in the manufacturing and supply of renewable energy technologies, helping our developing economy create crucial jobs as well as lower our staggering unemployment rate.

It is a win for the economy, a win for the climate, and a win for the people.

We are not alone. We are joined by thousands of people worldwide who will join the call for governments and corporations to end the age of coal. Together, we plan to win this campaign. Join us!

(Stay tuned for details of how you can join us...)