Greenpeace Turns 40!

Video | September 14, 2011

This month, Greenpeace turns 40. Kumi Naidoo, the current global director sat down with co-founder, Rex Weyler to take a look back at four decades of the environmental movement, and the way we approach climate change today. 

They also take a moment to look ahead, as Kumi says “We have to break the dichotomy that the agenda of environmental justice is in contradiction with the agenda of social and economic justice.” 

It’s encouraging to see the strength of the environmental movement Greenpeace created from such grassroots beginnings!

Greenpeace is about to launch a new ship, Rainbow Warrior III, and it needs your support. Find out how you can become a rainbow warrior here.

On Greenpeace's 40th anniversary, Kumi Naidoo and Rex Weyler take a look back at the start of the environmental organisation.



Photographs of this conversation were taken by Ann Johansson.