Maartje Theadora Trawler Action in IJmuiden

Photo | February 1, 2012

Yesterday, Greenpeace activists from the Netherlands and Germany prevented one of Europe’s largest fishing vessels, the Maartje Theadora, from leaving port in IJmuiden. The activists secured the 140 meters long German flagged vessel to its mooring site with a cable to disable it from engaging in yet another expedition to plunder the world’s oceans.

As a consequence of a systematically mismanaged fishery policy and a bloated, over effective EU fishing fleet, 75 % of commercial fish stocks in EU waters are overfished. For this reason the same giant fishing fleet that has caused the dramatically declined fish stocks are now navigating the oceans with giant nets and high-tech equipment searching for the last remaining fish.

One of the areas the EU has been overfishing so drastically is West Africa. Add your voice to the call to stop the plunder of Africa's oceans here.

Greenpeace activists prevent one of Europe's largest fishing vessels, the 'Maartje Theadora' from leaving port. The activists secure the 140 meters long vessel to its mooring site with a cable. A banner placed on the ship reads "EU Stop Overfishing." The action is a protest against the millions of euros in European subsidies these ships receive.