Renewable Energy Champions

On the 18th of April Greenpeace Africa launched our first corporate campaign, Renewable Energy Champions. The campaign focuses on the retail sector in South Africa asking them to commit to 100% Renewable Energy. The campaign launched with the report 'Shopping Clean: Retailers and Renewable Energy', which ranks South Africa's top five retailers according to their renewable energy commitments.

The Renewable Champions project, that's under the Climate and Energy campaign, is about asking South Africa's top 5 supermarkets to commit to renewable energy, mitigate greenhouse gases and lobby for renewable energy.


The theme of our campaign is sparking a #SolarRomance between the retailers and the sun. After our initial engagement with Pick n Pay it became apparent to us that they would need some encouragement to make the commitment to 100% Renewable Energy. These photos show the various offline activities our Solar Lover mascots have carried out during May, at supermarkets in South Africa, engaging with the public and handing over the report to store managers; and finally presenting an engagement ring as a proposal to Pick n Pay, to which they said yes. Eventually 3 of the 5 supermarkets said yes to the sun. See more here.